Why we're special...

Wise is a unique and highly sought after venue and we would love to help you with your next special event.

For many years we have been regarded as one of the most exclusive venues in the south west. Our iconic location attracts people from many corners of the globe.
Celebrate your wedding or event overlooking the picturesque scenery of the property’s vineyards, bushland and the turquoise waters of Geographe Bay.

Our dedicated and experienced staff will provide you with advice and guidance, from planning your menu to recommending trusted local suppliers. We are here to help with every detail, large or small, and we will ensure your event runs seamlessly and effortlessly.

Email or call us on (08) 9755 3331 to speak to one of our friendly staff.

Our Spaces


Our rolling lawns overlooking the vineyard below create a picturesque setting for a romantic celebration.
At the edge of the lawn area, beneath a trellis adorned with vines, dappled sunlight filters through the interwoven foliage onto several tables providing an intimate space for friends and family to gather, share stories, and savour special moments.

In the heart of this idyllic setting, a platform takes centre stage, ready to host a wedding ceremony that dreams are made of. The platform, adorned with the natural beauty of the surroundings, offers a perfect vantage point for exchanging vows. Against the backdrop of a sprawling vineyard, the rolling hills of the bush, all the way down to the turquoise ocean, the ceremony promises to be a visual symphony of nature’s wonders.

As the afternoon sun begins its descent, the entire setting transforms the couple on the platform exchange vows against the backdrop of nature’s grandeur. This rolling lawn, with its seated area, trellis, and panoramic views, becomes a canvas for the most unforgettable moments, where love and nature intertwine in perfect harmony.


Our enchanting courtyard presents a picturesque setting for a variety of special occasions. Offering sweeping vistas of the lawn, flourishing vineyards, native bush and the majestic ocean, it provides an idyllic backdrop for canapé-style or sit-down weddings, creating an atmosphere of romance and elegance. Whether you envision an unforgettable lunch, a dreamy dinner, or a delightful afternoon of cocktails, our courtyard (weather permitting) is the perfect canvas for your celebration.

Boasting its own well-appointed bar the ambiance is enhanced by the dappled sunlight filtering through the canopy of leafy trees, creating an intimate and magical experience for all who gather in this haven of natural splendour. 
Exclusive lunch/dinner functions: minimum bookings of 30 and up to 50 guests.
Exclusive canapé style functions: minimum bookings of 50 and up to 70 guests.
Booking fees apply.


Distinguished as the only restaurant in the Margaret River wine region that harmoniously marries the trifecta of vineyard, bush, and ocean panoramas, Wise Eagle Bay stands as a testament to the natural beauty of the south west. Elevated by a vast balcony that surveys our lush green lawns and gardens, the setting is both enchanting and unparalleled. With expansive open windows inviting the invigorating sea breeze, and a rustic stone fireplace to provide cosiness during cooler months, our venue seamlessly transitions into the perfect destination for all seasons.

Guests are enveloped in a sensory experience where the breathtaking views meet culinary excellence, creating an ambiance that is as diverse and captivating as the landscapes that surround it.
Exclusive sit down bookings: minimum of 80 and up to 110 guests.
Exclusive canapé style functions: minimum of 90 and up to 140 guests.
Booking fees apply.

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